About Jade

My name is Jade Mazarin and I am a Christian Clinical Counselor with a certification in Natural Health Consulting. I offer counseling that combines spiritual approaches and deep leaning on God, with thorough psychological understanding and clinical tools – all to bring a new level of healing and well being. I can also offer comprehensive advice for those looking to benefit both their physical and mental health.

I have a Master’s Degree (MA) in Marriage and Family Therapy from Richmont University in Atlanta, GA and a Bachelor’s Degree (BA) in Religion from Furman University, in Greenville, SC. I am board certified through the American Association of Christian Counselors.

In 2006 I began working at a Christian counseling center in Atlanta, called Cornerstone Pyschotherapy, where I specialized in women’s issues and adolescents. There I served as one of the main counselors for Northpoint Community Church, one of the largest churches in the nation under Pastor Andy Stanley (son of Pastor Charles Stanley). In 2009, I began a private practice in Vero Beach, FL where I grew up.

I am a contributing writer for RELEVANT Magazine and John Piper’s website, Desiring God. I am also featured on Psychcentral.com (see articles). To see RELEVANT and Desiring God articles, go to the articles section.

In 2014, I received a certification in Natural Health Studies from the Eden School of Natural Health, as a result of treating myself for undiagnosable health conditions. I made discoveries that I know can help others, and I appreciate the undeniable link between physical and mental health.

As far as other interests, since I was a child I’ve always been an active performer in dancing, singing and acting. I adore animals. I greatly enjoy the French language, and I’ve done tutoring for basic levels.

 Why Choose Me?

It is very important that you feel at ease when you see me. I am very understanding with your actions, and I have compassion for how you feel and why. You will never feel judged, and chances are you will feel very comfortable sharing with me.

I am a person of great hope. I believe nothing is impossible, and it’s never too late to change. Sometimes we could use someone to believe in us, or in our loved ones, when we have become tired in the process. That’s what I’m here for.

When I was in graduate school, I went through what I call my wilderness experience. After getting very ill for months, I entered a few years of severe depression and then severe anxiety for years. I know how it feels to suffer. I also know how to find the light in the darkness, to develop deep closeness with God, and to find actual healing – mentally, emotionally, as well as physically. I knew that He would use my experiences to unite me with His Spirit, and prepare me for the work He was calling me to do. My story was published in the book, It’s A God Thing.

The tools I share are ones I have used myself and have found to be very effective.

As mentioned before, I consider the whole picture – the mind, spirit and the body. I can advise you on natural health options so that you can reach optimal healing.

I truly care about the people God brings me. Being a counselor has never been just a career to me, but a life long calling I’ve felt since I was a teenager.

I treat our time with great respect and productivity. I will offer you a variety of insights, very helpful specific tools, and enlightening feedback.  

I lean on Him to work through me, and grant me the insights I need to make a difference. I believe that as Scripture says, when we know what is true we will be set free. I aim to be an instrument to not only guide you into truths, but also help you absorb them in your heart.

Lastly, I believe in being authentic. I will gladly share my own experiences if they can help you along your journey.