In-Person Client Testimonials

“I was a life-long Christian before I began meeting with Jade, but her counseling has taken me to a completely new level of understanding the heart of God. During a period of overwhelming personal and relational difficulties, a close friend encouraged me to begin counseling with Jade. I entered our first session full of pain, frustration, anger, doubt, discouragement, and fear, but Jade has steadily helped me to overcome the burden and weight of these feelings by opening my eyes and heart to see the beauty and reality of God’s love and plans for me. Her healing prayers, insights, and strong guidance have renewed my trust in God, and enabled me to experience peace, joy, and hope again as I walk more closely with Him. I am growing into the woman God made me to be, day by day, and I am blessed to have Jade walking through this transformation with me!”

Julie L.

Atlanta, GA

“Whether I am reading her articles, speaking with her on the phone or in her presence, it is God who I hear working and speaking through her. She has surely been blessed by God with the ability to communicate His love, His grace, His words. And as a result, souls like mine are blessed with the experience of growing through suffering, healing and getting to know God on a deeper, more personal level.”

Katie N.

Vero Beach, FL

“Jade is one of the most special people that I know and it is a blessing from God to have her in my life. I truly believe that God put her on my path because He knew she would be able to relate to my problems from her own life experiences. For a long time, I knew something didn’t feel right on the inside but I would shrug it off, thinking it would go away on its own. After months of struggling with my inner thoughts, my mother convinced me to give Christian counseling a try. And I’m so happy they did! Jade is gentle, encouraging, and loving. She holds your hand through the process of uncovering and healing the hurt and pain that you are experiencing. Jade has helped me to work through negative emotions that I unknowingly held onto for over 20 years including fear, anxiety, worry, guilt, stress, obsessive thoughts and rejection. She has given me the tools to replace my old destructive habits with new healthy ones that allow for self-acceptance, forgiveness, peace, and both emotional and physical healing to occur. Most of all, Jade has helped me in my relationship with God, helping me to understand that He loves and deeply cares for me. If you are struggling with anything and you are hesitant to go to a counselor, I encourage you to reach out to Jade for help. You deserve to be healthy and happy and Jade can help you get there with compassion and understanding.”

Peter W.

Vero Beach, FL

“I went to see Jade when I felt very stuck.  I was experiencing a lot of social anxiety and depression and I did not know where to turn.  I was not even sure why I was feeling that way.  Jade provided a very safe place to share my struggles and fears.  She helped me to express what it was I was truly feeling and helped me to identify the things I would say to myself that were hindering me from getting well.  We discussed what was true according to God’s Word and she helped me apply it to my life in ways that made a difference.  I still hold the verses she shared with me close to my heart.  Jade helped me move along in my life…she helped me become unstuck!”

Jennifer M.

Atlanta, GA

“Jade has given me the strength to make it through all of the chaos in my life. I truly believe that God speaks to me through her prayers and guidance. Additionally, she demonstrates what Jesus teaches by never judging and never pushing her beliefs on me. I have become a better woman mentally and spiritually because of my relationship with her.”

Amy H.

Atlanta, GA

“After discovering that my husband was a sex addict I was devastated and found myself in an unhealthy codependent relationship.  I ended up separating from my husband moving to a new city, with a new job, and trying unsuccessfully to reconcile my dying marriage.  Once the decision to divorce was made, I was very confused about where I stood with God as I had grown up in the Christian Church.  My life started to spiral out of control and I found myself in situations with men that I never dreamed I would have ever been involved in.  After sharing some of my exploits with my sister, she found Jade’s website and encouraged me to give her a call.  It was one of the best calls I ever made.  Jade helped me build my self-esteem and find my place in the world as a child of Christ.  She showed me how to take this experience and all the emotions to draw me nearer to the Lord.  Her spiritual insight into the heart of God changed a lifetime of destructive thinking that continually left me in the pit of despair, depression, and self-hatred.  I highly recommend her to any woman facing a crisis or major change in life, no matter how big or small.”

Grace P.

Vero Beach, FL

“I started meeting with Jade in the spring of 2007, I was 26 years old and the victim of childhood sexual abuse. I had been carrying around pain and anxiety from that experience for 20 years. I had already seen countless ‘counselors’ and prayed many a prayer, and yet the impact of that trauma seemed larger than ever. I honestly did not think seeing Jade would be much different, but I gave it a go anyways. I can say confidently that God used my time with Jade to work a miracle in my life in regards to my past. I was comfortable to share my story, cry, get angry and be real. She led me through my pain and anxiety, not only by focusing on the love and grace of God, but also by recognizing mental links with my past that were causing my anxiety; as well as teaching me the habits of positive truth thinking…allowing my mind to be led by truth rather than lies. In January of 2007 I had prayed that God would do something HUGE in my life that year …. and through my time with Jade he definitely did. The experience of living in freedom and love is unmatched and Jade had a huge part in leading me there.”

Kim C.

Atlanta, GA

Webcam Client Testimonials

“Jade embodies your loving sister, your empathetic friend, and your wise truth-teller. She helped me out of a real valley in my life by combining the thoughts of a seasoned professional counselor with the demeanor of a long-time friend.”

Brian P.

Richmond, KY

“My counseling experience with Jade has been 100% online. I was struggling with anxiety and depression when I found her website one day completely out of the blue. The sessions via webcam were great in my opinion. We could see each other, so it was the next best thing to being with her in person. Plus, I didn’t even have to leave my home. I was comfortable in my surroundings during my counseling time. And as a first time counseling patient, that was important to me. Jade was able to really help me get through a dark time in my life. I am also grateful to her for her kind and gentle, biblically based approach to counseling. She helped me to find the truth that I needed to find so that I could come out of the place where I had been stuck for such a long time. I would highly recommend Jade as a counselor. I’m much happier and healthier on the other side of working with her!”

Sandy B.

Beavercreek, Ohio

“When I first met with Jade, I was on my last rope to work through a family issue once and for all, which had plagued me for over 20 years. The hardest part, I was living in a different country, while my family was in Vero Beach. I was extremely skeptical, given the logistical circumstances, 12 hour time difference, having to meet on the computer, as well as the fact that I had seen many counselors over the years with no real resolution. I was pleasantly surprised after our first session and knew immediately it was a great fit! Jade remained patient while I dealt with internet connection issues and was always accommodating to ensure I received a full session! And when the timing was right, God used Jade to help facilitate reuniting my family in a healthy way, resolving our past issues once and for all! God has healed us completely and we are closer than we have ever been before! I am so thankful God led my family to Jade and so thankful she was able to accommodate me using the webcam, while also accommodating my family in Vero at the same time. She is truly a blessing to me and my family! Jade is so awesome, I keep finding more things to work through with her! I have never felt so mentally and spiritually healthy! You will not be disappointed!”

Jessica G.

Manilla, Phillipines

“Jade is a wonderful counsellor. I am so glad I invested when I did and I continue to invest because I see the value of our time together and I believe anyone who is seeking healing of past traumas or current dilemmas. I came to Jade just as I was becoming a Christian and my 4 year relationship was about to end. It was so comforting that she saw where I was, didn’t judge and was so hopeful for me. I had had counselling in the past which was always more hurtful because it was like digging at the wound more, but because of Jades life experiences, her gifting and also her faith in God and our desire to work as a team through it, it has just been the best blessing. I had sessions very frequently at that time and two years on I have them less frequently now because we have gone through that big stress. It did take a while because the relationship was pretty toxic so it played out in my life a lot, but I am thankful that my brain is being rewired differently so that I can let it go and wait for the new thing God has got for me. She helped me process and gain new perspectives on stresses and also my new experiences and challenges as a Christian. I am really so grateful for her passion, her empathy, her calmness and that I know I can trust her. I am honoured to call her not only my counselor but also my friend.”

Sophie W.

Warwickshire, England

“On many occasions I have sensed God’s love for me through Jade. All my life I have struggled with codependency and a feeling of not being “good enough” to merit another’s love. Because of that, I don’t often trust people, and though I believe in God, I also have a hard time trusting Him. But I never feel judged when I talk with Jade. Instead, she freely offers comfort, empathy, advice and love. Because of Jade, I feel like I get a glimpse of the love God has for me.”

Erin S.

Ann Arbor, MI

“One of Jade’s online articles, When Emotional Attachment Becomes Unhealthy, caught my attention when I was feeling depressed, trapped and stuck last year. Her insight shed a light on my situation and encouraged me to pick up her book, The heart’s journey to freedom. After reading Jade’s book, I reached out to her and started our counselling sessions online. I remember feeling so relieved and comforted talking with a counselor who went through situations similar to mine. I had no doubt that God led me to Jade and used her to walk me through that tough season in faith without shame. With Jade’s guidance, I was able to identify some of the spiritual roadblocks in my life. I was encouraged to pay attention to my emotional health rather than pretending to be okay. I was motivated to practice self-care and to be honest with myself and my Heavenly Father. I appreciate all the prayer support and sincere care from Jade. I have since continued my own journey of freedom in Christ with stronger faith in Him who is sovereign.”

Sandra L.

Claremont, CA