Christian Counseling

Are you looking for some support and specific direction? Do you want the hope that things can change? Counseling can be an opportunity for you to share your heart in a safe place, and receive unconditional understanding for where you are. It is a place where you can find real hope, life-giving new insights, and productive steps for moving forward.

There are always reasons for what we believe and feel. Often those deeper, root causes need to be realized, brought into the light and changed by God’s truths; which have the power to transform us and our lives. I believe in uncovering and re-shaping these core causes of your difficulties – things like past wounds, inaccurate core beliefs, etc – through the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Yet, while I believe in working through emotions, I also believe in not getting stuck there. After shedding light on the source, I will walk with you a step at a time toward greater clarity, healthier thoughts and feelings, and greater well being. I will encourage you to be kind and understanding with yourself in the process. Even when the process of healing is not yet complete, people leave sessions feeling more peace and more hope than when they arrived. And that is important to me.

While every situation varies, this is a basic overview of my approach:

Examine your patterns of thinking and where they come from

Uncover what’s not working and why

Replace unhealthy beliefs with thoughts that are true and liberating

The sessions I offer are highly solutions-based and comprehensive, along with genuinely understanding, compassionate, and hopeful.

During the start of sessions, I will guide you to sharing what struggles you’re currently going through, and what you want improved in your life. As mentioned, we may look for the roots of these challenges, and add practices to heal those core places, receive new and uplifting insights + perspectives, and help you move forward. I offer truths that God gives me that can set you free. I also offer different types of practical, evidence-based tools that can heal the heart, calm the mind, and help the body. I bring in the spiritual tools of Scripture verses, prayer, discussions about God’s nature. I lean on God to guide our time together and grant me His thoughts for you.

If there is anything you do not feel comfortable sharing, or any topic that you do not want to discuss, I will be very respectful of that. My intention is always to help you feel totally at ease, and for you to feel uplifted in our time together.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is christian counseling?
A: Christian counseling helps people find improved well being by applying Biblical perspectives to their life situations. Some Christian counselors have psychology training as well while others do not.
Q: What about counseling via Webcam?
A: Webcam sessions are a great option for people who are not able to access my office in Vero Beach, FL and/or who find it easier for convenience purposes. I send you a link that you can copy and paste into a browser, which will take you into my “waiting room” where I’ll video call you. I have counseled many people throughout the U.S. and in countries such as India, England, Bolivia, Spain, Russia and more. We have been able to do the same quality and type of work as in person sessions. These sessions are secure and HIPAA compliant. See Webcam testimonials.
Q: Why should I choose you?
A: First, my training incorporates both psychology and Christian counseling. My MA degree included curriculum and experience that any secular counselor would be required to receive, along with the comprehensive training in faith based applications. Therefore, I come to each client with an understanding of human behavior as well as Christian principles. I offer guidance based on both practical techniques and spiritual ones. Second, I wholeheartedly lean on God through sessions to bring me insights (and sometimes images) and wisdom about what’s really going on and how to proceed. Lastly, I have personal experiences that many clients have identified with. See more about me.
Q: How much does it cost?

A: The fee for each session is $120.00 per hour. I also offer shorter sessions for less cost. I do not take insurance, unfortunately.

Q: What should I expect?
A: Sessions are one hour long, including a prayer before and at closing. You simply share what’s on your mind and what you’d like help with. I will ask you the questions, so you don’t need to worry about what to say. It’s a comfortable and informal process. Many people tell me that talking to me is like talking to a friend.
Q: Is there anything I should bring?
A: It’s a good idea to bring a journal or way to record the session. Sometimes people find it difficult to remember everything we discuss, and they find it helpful to look back on their notes or listen to a recording. I also suggest clients take notes in that same journal when thoughts pop up outside of session. No need to fill out any forms, I will take notes while we talk.

Commonly Discussed Issues

• Depression
• Codependency
• Self Esteem
• Attachment and Addiction
• Anxiety and Stress
• Eating Disorders
• Pet Loss and Grief
• Relationship Issues
• Adolescent Issues
• Spiritual Issues
• Chronic Fatigue
• Digestive Issues
• Weight Loss
• General Wellness

Local Residents

Providing Counseling For:

• Vero Beach
• Fellsmere
• Fort Pierce
• Indian River County
• Indian River Shores
• Micco
• Orchid Island
• Palm Bay
• Roseland
• Sebastian
• Wabasso
• Winter Beach

Non-Local Residents

Counseling Available Via:

• Telephone
• Webcam


"Jade is one of the most special people that I know and it is a blessing from God to have her in my life. I truly believe that God put her on my path because He knew she would be able to relate to my problems from her own life experiences.” - Peter W. (Vero Beach, FL)