The Heart’s Journey to Freedom

It could be after a break up, for the wrong man, or in a failing relationship…

Do you feel attached and unable to let go?

Are you missing out on your potential? 

That’s exactly where I was…until the day I decided to change. Through much prayer and determination, I was given new perspectives that helped me find freedom and grow further into my true self. It is a story I knew I was meant to share with other women.

In this book you will:

  • Uncover specifically why you stay attached and how to let go, step by step
  • Deepen your faith in God and discover who you were made to be

“Jade Mazarin writes with wisdom, strength, and authenticity to give women hope and courage to explore the deepest longings of their hearts and true nature. Every woman who has struggled with attachments will benefit from this book full of insights, biblical truths and practical applications.” – Mary Ann Woodward, Licensed Counselor, Paraclete Counseling Center

“It is rare to read a book that is as open and vulnerable about relationships as this one. Jade uses the challenges she has faced to inform others about the ways God intends us to live. This book can provide insight for those who wonder about God’s plan.” – Deanne Terrell, Psychologist, Dean, Richmont Graduate University

“The Heart’s Journey to Freedom is a beautifully written account of one person’s courageous path through attachment and surrender. I believe you will find it inspiration.” – Gary W. Moon, Vice President and Professor, Richmont Graduate University

“Jade Mazarin has a passion for helping women with unhealthy attachments. Many of my clients attended her seminar and found it life-changing. I know this book will meet the needs of many.” – Richard Blankenship, LPC, NCC, CCSAS, Author of S.A.R.A.H

“Thank you for writing this amazing book; I know that God led me directly to it. You have put into words all that I have felt and experienced in my relationships and gave me hope to know that I am not alone.  What an encouragement it has been to me as I continue to grow into all that I am meant to be.” – Lisa M., Reader

“The Heart’s Journey to Freedom is a great book for anyone that feels emotionally attached to someone and needs help learning how to let go. This book has helped me to understand my feelings of attachment towards others and gave me practical ways to heal, love, and accept myself, as well as find freedom from worry, negative self talk, and patterns of unhealthy emotion. While this book was written for a female audience, as a male in his mid thirties, I highly recommend it to other christian men that are looking for an easy to understand, step by step approach to letting go of unhealthy emotional attachments.” – pwhite78, customer

“I picked up this book after reading Jade’s article on unhealthy emotional attachment on Her analysis was on point and honest, which stirred up my desire to dig deeper into the topic for the sake of my spiritual growth, emotional health, and most importantly – my present struggle. The book surely did not disappoint as I anticipated. It is filled with honesty, wisdom, truth and hope from a biblical and practical perspective. I love what the author says about how letting go of attachment is not only about overcoming a specific area/struggle of your life (the reason why I/you picked up this book) but it is about equipping yourself for such spiritual battle that involves all sorts of elements that we face through our Christian journey. This book could absolutely help you come clean with yourself in order to recognize, realize and acknowledge those old patterns, behaviors, unhealthy emotional needs, past hurt, etc. that resulted in unhealthy attachment in your life. To be rid of such attachment is to gain a much closer relationship with God and that is the purpose of the book. If you are currently in church ministries, this book will also help you minister to others as the author walks you through real-life stories with her knowledge and wisdom through her words. I highly recommend this book!” – S Manna Lee, customer

“This book helped me recognize why my prior relationships kept ending in the same manner–for example my disappointment about how I was being treated resulting in my pushing the other person to try to make them “fix that.” Then them realizing it would never be good enough. I thought they didn’t care about me. I didn’t really realize this was an attachment issue until I read this book. I was causing a lot of issues by allowing others to treat me a certain way, then getting angry about it. They were always surprised there was an issue. If you are having attachment issues…Buy this book! God used it to help me understand! Thank you Jade Mazarin! Keep on letting God use you to minister to others!” – Ruth Brogdon, customer

“This is a wonderfully helpful book detailing Jade’s personal journey from hurting to healing from unhealthy attachments. It is an honest, heartfelt, soul-baring account of discovery revealing how wrong beliefs and thoughts about ourselves can get us stuck in unhealthy relationships, and how changing those beliefs to align with God’s purpose and desires for our lives will lead us to health and wholeness, first in ourselves and then in our relationships. Through personal introspections and Biblical truths, Jade leads the reader on their own practical path to finding healing. Each time I revisit this book I find new gems of wisdom, advice and support to help me on my own journey.” – Lynn Helfferich, customer

“I absolutely love this book! It honestly shows you you’re not alone & what you’re struggling with or experiencing isn’t something only you have felt. Very relatable & comforting.” – Sue Anne Chiavelli, customer

Title: The Heart’s Journey to Freedom
Author: Jade Mazarin
Published Date: 2010
Publisher: Xulon Press
Format: Paperback
Total Chapters: 11
Total # of Pages: 158

  • Chapter 1: The Nature of our Hearts
  • Chapter 2: What is Unhealthy Attachment?
  • Chapter 3: Typical Experiences
  • Chapter 4: What You Really Want
  • Chapter 5: Surrendering to God
  • Chapter 6: What Letting Go Looks Like
  • Chapter 7: Reality and Acceptance
  • Chapter 8: Making the Decision
  • Chapter 9: Shifting Focus
  • Chapter 10: Techniques
  • Chapter 11: Process and Prayer

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Book Reviews

“It is rare to read a book that is as open and vulnerable about relationships as this one. Jade uses the challenges she has faced to inform others about the ways God intends us to live. This book can provide insight for those who wonder about God’s plan.” – Deanne Terrell, Psychologist, Dean, Richmont Graduate University

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