God has created us as entire beings. Our minds and hearts are not isolated parts of ourselves, but rather intricately connected to influence our whole health. Research has shown that even our memories are not isolated to our brains, but rather end up becoming a part of our bodies own cells. Traumatic memories can even be transferred through the DNA of parents into their children. That is a physical example of generational strongholds.

We carry memories, especially those that were very stressful or very uplifting, throughout our lifetime, like information on a computer hard drive. These emotional times are easily triggered by any present day experiences that have any little similarity with them. For example, if we experienced a parent who was very critical of us during childhood, we carry the feeling of being unworthy and unloved – if that’s the message we took from that time. Now, if someone we love is correcting us, even if they are not intending it to be hurtful in the least, we may easily take offense and think they are attacking us, as it reminds us of our past.

People are constantly being influenced by past experiences, usually unbeknownst to them. They think the problem is all about their current relationship or job, when in reality their current issues are feeling as painful as they are because a deeper, old wound has been triggered. In order to heal from these cellular memories, we must be aware that they are there, be willing to face them, and open our heart… feel the feeling as much as we can, and directly invite the presence of God’s healing and freeing truth into them.

Here is a guided prayer that can lead you into connecting with God in those places, and absorb His redemptive work into the physical cells of your body. It combines prayer with hand placement. Say it slowly. Take your time with it. Breathe deeply from your abdomen and pause when needed. Let feelings and any pictures come up.

(Place your right hand on your lower abdomen, left on your upper chest)

Lord God, I ask you to come into this experience when…. (describe the event) and I felt… (name the feelings). (OR if you don’t remember the source and just have intense present day emotions…. say the following:

Lord God, I ask you to come into the place where this feeling of…. *fear, anger, sadness, shame etc…originates. (Breathe deeply and let things come up)

I open all of myself to you. Cleanse my cells now of that stressful time, by the power and peace of Jesus blood. (Take deep slow breaths).

Fill this place inside me, Holy Spirit, with Your greater, Healing Love (Deep slow breaths. Picture His light coming into the deepest part of you)

(Place your left hand on your forehead. Keep right hand on abdomen)

I repent of the lies I believed from this time. (Deep breath).

Thank you for forgiving me of them.

I am ready to release these lies for Your thoughts that are true and lovely. They are all I need and want now. (Breathe).

Holy Spirit, take over in me. Lead me now and fill me with all truth… and freedom. (Deep breath).

(Left hand on top of head and right at heart. Picture Jesus smiling at you with tenderness and joy)

I am Loved.

I am Worthy.

I am Whole.

(Open your hands to God)

I thank you, Lord, for redeeming every thought and emotion around this, by the power of the cross working in the cells of my body. May Your freedom be rooted and established in me. May You continue to renew me through and through. May You guard my mind and heart each day by the blood of Jesus.

I thank you that He was raised from the dead, so that I too may live a New Life.

Praise God.